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hello again

hello,how are you doing?...well i hope.
ok,so what have i been up to.well,its the same old thingy really..weekdays work...weekends feet up.i have been working for my boss for about 13 years i think...its hard to remember excactly how long,it feels like a lifetime.its kept me in happy tokens for a long time but its time for a change.ive been offered a new job,its doing pretty much what i do now,building,but the bloke seems to have a lot more work on a much steadier basis.i have to sdmit to not looking forward to giving in my notice...but at the end of the day its better for me.loyalty is one thing but you have to look out for number one.
thats me at the moment...the only other thing is i really need a bloody holiday
take care of yourself

another sunday

hiya,hope you're well...or as well as can be.
so what have i been up to lately..i've been busy with work since i last wrote here.i have been working with a different guy,he seems to have loads of work on & it was good to be working with someone other than my usual boss,it was a bit of a change.they have got a fairly big house extension going on & working with the two geezers was fun.i'm usually on my own & it can get a bit boring sometimes,i'd go nuts if it wasnt for my work radio.i am back working with my usual boss at the moment but the other bloke said i can go back there when i want...its well handy to have a second thing i did really like about working with them was visiting the cafe every friday for a good old english fry up...very tasty.
my friend with the ms is really suffering lately,sometimes he cant even speak or drink,he cant swallow properly any more.its got really scary really quick.he was rushed into hospital last week & the doctors had to ask his wife if she wanted him resuscitated...its got that bad.our little gang is out for drinks on friday,hopefully it wont be our last outing.i hope he just gets a little bit better.its horrible to say but i dont think he has much quality of life anymore.i'll keep my fingers crossed.
one more week at work then at least two weeks off...bloody marvelous,i am actually looking forward to christmas & starting a new year...not that i have plans for it,i aint much cop at sticking to plans so i dont usually bother with them.
well,thats me for the moment,keep your chin up

sunday already

blimey,is it sunday again already.
hi,hope you're well.
its been a bit of a lazy week.i only actually worked one day.i had to do someones ridge tiles & valley on their was one of those horders wouldnt beleive the mess,it was actuallyquite disgusting.i just couldnt live in mess like that,the bloke even had a skeleton in his living room...far out.
i had to revisit an old job during the week.the roof had sprung a leak.thats the first time thats happened to me.i think i've sorted it out,if not i'll pop round during the week.when something like that happens its a case of trial & error till you find the fault.
i'm back to full time work for the next few weeks,i'll have to get off my lazy bottom & get my s**t in gear.
look after yourself,laters

sunday morning...just!

hi.its a beautiful sunday morning,suns shining but a nice chill in the air...hope its good for you too.
what have i been up to lately...well work has been on & off.i work every week but not all week,that sounds like a pain but it aint really.i like having some time to myself.i dont have to worry too much about bills & outgoings,i just dont have that many.two days work a week is enough for well as working for my boss i have been doing a few bits on the side,the moneys much better.i think i have about a month of work at the moment.
my friends ms has been quite good the last couple of weeks.he's been on some new anti-biotic tablets because of a infection in his bladder..they seemed to help him right out but yesterday he was in a bit of a state,he's up & down all the is a terrible thing,it really wrecks peoples so many other dibilitating diseases it doesnt care who it gets hold of in life..young or old.
not a lot else going on at the mo...i havnt checked my lottery tickets yet so if i suddenly disappear off the face of the earth i've won.
chin up & take care of yourself,catcha laters 

all change

hi,hope you're well.
well...its all change here.after christmas the work went really quiet.i actually spent 5 weeks just sitting on my lazy bottom.i had enough money to get me through it so that was no problem but boredom was getting to me a was freezing so there wasnt much you could do really.anyways work is busy at the moment,i've probably got a months worth of work right now but that should grow to 6 months shortly...thats quite relieving considering i applied for a hospital porters job but didnt even get an interview.i'd rather be doing this job,its really easy going...most of the time.
i have also been dumped by the lady friend.that came out of the blue,i was actually quite shocked.she didnt like the fact i left early in the mornings & that we were becoming friends...der whatever did make me realise that being with someone can be quite agreeable,it made me happy...or happier i should certainly didnt leave me feeling down.t was ok with me.ill miss getting me end away though lol.
well,i've probably bored you enough already so i'll say ta ta.take care of yourself    
My mood: a bit thirsty

sunday lunch time

hi,hope you're well.well,christmas came & went in a flash & was quite a good christmas,a nice relaxing time.over christmas the crush & i spent more time together & this has bought us closer together.we were together new years eve & i sent her a txt message telling her i thought the world of her,i was just being honest.this had the effect of bringing down any walls that may have been between us & we ended up getting very intimate.i started the new year waking up with her,she was the first thing i saw this year...i get the feeling this year will be a cushty one.its been such a long time that i felt like this for someone,i think i can say she feels the same way without taking anything for granted,she makes me feel special & always makes me feel happy.
the work front is really quiet.i have only worked four days since far i'm getting by but i'll have to find something soon.i think i'll have to get a real job & give up on this building lark,its too hit & miss these days.i'dactually like to be a postman,outside all the time,loads of exercise & fresh air & not being crowded by people.
i havnt seen much of my son lately.he's always with his girlfriend or away at work.he's doing ok & its not a problem.i'll try to catch him next weekend,maybe take him for breakfast before he starts chasing his chicky lol.
well,i think thats me a the moment.i'm very happy at the moment,i hope you are too.
catch ya laters 

9th december

hi.its been a bit of an unusual week for me.i have been working round an old womans house helping someone fit a central heating system.i thnik the lady is a bit crazy,she never stops talking,even when she's on her own she just chats to herself.she's actually quite a nice old lady,she's very comical.she sits in her front room as if she's sitting watching tv....but there's no tv!.
it would seem i have met a woman...shock of shocks lol.i met her at my uncles & she got someone to give me her number.i called,we had a little chat & ended up going out on a date.we went to an indian restaurant that was very nice.we are meeting up again next week.she's rather fantastic,obviously its hard to know what someones about after only meeting them twice,but so far she seems really nice.i cant wait for our first snog lol.
i'm not sure if we have any work for next would be nice to get another week before christmas,just to finance the few weeks off.i will probably start looking for a new job next year,i might try something completely different.i'll wish myself luck on that one.
put your feet up & enjoy your sunday,laters

another weeks passing

hi, hope you're well & cushty.things is good this end.
its been an ok week for me,nothing out of the norm,just working & getting through it.i have started going for walks every night.its good for exercise & helps your dinner go down.i like walking in the dark,it gives me a nice sense of anonymity.
i went to my uncles friday night for a curry/drinks night.there was a few people there......AND A WOMAN! took me about 30 seconds to realise that i'd been set up.i wont complain though,she was actually really nice.she certainly didnt put on any graces & she seems down to earth.i was suprised on saturday night when my uncle called & said she'd askes him to give me her number.....she's obviously a woman of superb taste loli'll give her a call monday or tuesday...dont wanna seem over keen.the whole situation has made me think about how happy i am with being single,its quite good actually.i dont have any hassle but am aware that i am missing out "on other stuff" ....wink wink lol.
well,i'dbetter get on with my busy sunday of doing absolutely bugga all lol.
keep your chin & give us a smile,catch ya laters 

lazy week

hi,hope you're well.i'm as well as can be expected on a sunday morning lol.
its been really windy here the last couple of days,the wind woke me up at !:45 am this morning.....most annoying.i could hear dustbin lids flying up the road & tiles blowing off roofs.winter is definitely here.
i havnt worked all week so its been a slow & lazy didnt bother me too much,i'm ok for money plus it was horrible outside.i'm working next week.
i tried a different indian take away last night,it was bloody horrible.i wont be going there again.better to stick to what you know.
i have big plans today...big plans of keeping warm,stuffing my face & doing absolutely bugger all....gotta love sundays
take care & catch you later 

chilly sunday

hi,hope you're well.its a little bit chilly here (south uk).i can smell my dinner cooking...its making me really is the usual very lazy sunday...i'm pretty much going to do absolutely nothing all day today,just how i like my sundays.
friday was a bit of a bummer day for me,i had to work in the rain all day...i'm not a very big fan of working in the rain.i was putting up concrete fence posts so that wooden panels can slide between was really muddy & i was slipping up all over the place..most annoying.the one good thing about friday was the fish,chips & mushy peas i had for lunch.good food makes me happy & content....i'm bloody starving just thinking about food.
it looks like we have work untill next april or may....very handy considering we had nothing two weeks ago.....thats plenty of weekend vodka tokens lol.
thats about it for me,look after yourself & stay positive

another sunday

hi,hope you're well.
it is absolutely pouring with rain be honest i'm getting a little fed up with all the good weather,i like the rain   
as much as i like the sun.its been a quiet couple of weeks,nothing going on but work & not an an awful lot of that around at the not that bothered about it,i like having time to myself & i have enough money.
my son was meant to visit me last weekend but he never turned up,he has a girlfriend now, you know how it is when you're young,shagging comes before everything else.
i could really do without this hangover,sunday is always the same.
thats it for now,laters

rainy sunday i cant believe i havnt been here for nearly a year,thats completely nuts.
well,so much has happened over the last year...errr actually it hasnt,pretty much all i've done is work.i wish i had more to report but thats boss is a lot better,he seems to have beaten the throat cancer but cant eat properly...that must really bug him,he loved his grub.our work has dried up at the moment,first time in nearly a decade so i wont moan about it,i'm actually looking forward to a few weeks to myself,time for fishing,bike riding & jogging.these are thing i cant usually find time for.
my son is doing well,he's back from afgan,has been for quite a while,he's ok.he's managed to get himself a girlfriend,i havnt met her but she sounds quite nice......well,as nice as you'd want a girlfriend to be.
it has been,as it always is,a rather drunken weekend,my heads killing me..oh well,thats the price you pay.its just my way of relaxing at the weekends,my life would probably be better without it....but i'd be a boring bastard.
well,thats all for now,i'll be sure to spend more time here every week,take care of yourself...that way you wont have to worry about someone else doing it for you    

the end of october

hello,hope you're well.what have i been up to this week?.
my boss is still very ill,he was rushed into hospital saturday because his throat cancer has stopped him eating,he cant swallow so has lost weight & also strength.his brother has been trying to run things but he aint much of a business man to say the least.all he wants to do is get the first payment for a job then leave & let someone else do the dirty long as i'm getting paid it doesnt really matter too much to me.i've worked for the bloke for more than ten could well be a time for a change.
my son has been in touch on face book,he is back from Afghanistan but has gone straight to berlin with his mates too experience german art & culture......actually he's gone to get stupid drunk...why not?!.he told me that his mother is now disabled,..not quite sure what he means by that,his mum is a drama queen,i've never regretted leaving her all those years ago.
i went mad with the indian food on friday night,i got a chicken vindaloo & some other stuff.nice stuff but red hot & it dont get on very well with my tummy!
thats about it for now,me roast dinner is smelling rather cushty in the background,laters 

hello there

hi,its been a while...a while too long actually.i hope you're well
my son is still in Afghanistan,he gets back at the end of the month,i cant wait to see him again.its a worry thats always at the back of my mind,i obviously dont want any harm to come to him,i also dont want his time there to change him..i'll just have to keep my fingers crossed.
i'm still working for the same bloke doing pretty much the same thing,building,roofing,that sort of thing.we seem to have a fair bit of work on which is a good thing at the moment..a lot of people dont have any work at the moment so i guess i'm lucky on that boss now has throat cancer,they cut some peices out of his mouth & he starts chemo & radio therapy next week,hope he gets better...another reason to keep my fingers crossed.
my uncle dave died of cancer the other week,he was an ok guy but i didnt bother going to the funeral,i cant stand those things..way too much emotion going on for me.
my nephew is staying at some kind of hospital at the moment,they are keeping asn eye on him to try to figure out whats wrong with him,they think hes ok....he seems to have emotional troubles..perhaps hes just a bit highly strung.the place hes staying is out in the country,i pick him up every friday for the weekend.its a really nice drive,looking at the landscapes & pretty little cottages,i'd love to live there,much better than a city.
i had a bloody good booze up yesterday so me heads a bit sore today.
thats all for now,take care of yourself,wind at back...sun in face & all that kind of thing

another sunday

hi,hope you're we are again,sundays ep time.the weeks been pretty good.i've been working on a roof & the weather has been nice,i got a bit of a tan at the moment.the guy whos house i've been working on had a load of birds in his,did they make some was nice to hear them at first but it started getting a bit too much,....they were chirping their little beaks off.he had a parrott indoors,i made friends with it quite creased me up with its insane whistling & array of sound effects.i dont think i'd like to own one though,too much ear bashing.
my son is now in afganistan,getting aclimatised.i hope he'll be ok,its a bit scary.
i'm having a really lazy day,got me feet up,tv on,messing around on the lap top.i might spoil myself with some chocolate.
i'm reading "i lucifer" at the moment.its ok,quite funny really.its about the devil being given another chance here on next read is tropic of cancer by henry miller,sounds a bit racy.
i plan on going to the swimming baths during the week,a bit of swimming should help the fitness & well being thing go up a level.i do floor exercises every night,its better than just vegging out in front of the tv.
its a cracking day outside but i think i'll saty in till work tomorow,a proper lazy sunday.
take care of yourself 


hi,hope you're makes a real change for me to be around on a Saturday,i'm usually getting drunk with my dad & a couple of mates.i got really slaughtered last night & just cant face it all today.i was ill earlier on & have got a bad headache,..i'm not moaning though,its self inflicted.i'm reading Charles bukowski again,this time its "the most beautiful woman in town",a collection of short storys.bukowski is my favorite writer,he's the dude.
i'm just about to fix myself a big plate of pasta & cheese sauce with grated cheese on top,it never fails to make me feel better,...mmmm,my bellys rumbling already.
it would appear that i have an admirer,my neighbors daughter seems to fancy me,she seems nice enough,..i'm not even really sure i have a type these days,its been a while,actually its been a long be honest i havnt been out with anyone for about 5 years,maybe longer,...bloody hell that is a really long time! lol.i just dont put myself out there any more,havnt done in a long time dont really see myself settling down,i'm my own partner.
work is still ok,we seem to have plenty on at the moment,enough for the rest of the year.
my son visited this morning,first time i've seen him in was great to see hum again,we're going out for something to eat monday after work,there's an italian restaurant round the corner from me,its well cushty,i love italian food,i'd have to say its my favorite son is getting shipped to Afghanistan soon,i hope he's ok.
season four of madmen on dvd came dropping through my letterbox this morning guess what i'll be watching tonight then!i also got a couple of new cd's lately,adele 21 & rumur seasons of my soul,they're both really good,give em a go.
that's about it for me for the moment,i'll probably be back tomorrow at some point to see what questions are being asked.treat yourself well & show respect to those around you who earn or deserve it,laters.

hurry up summer

hi,hope your well.well thats another 7 days gone past,the week at work has been good.i've been helping the bricklayer out & the suns been out,its been great to feel the sun on my face again,summer cant come quick enough.we had the usual beer brothers round on saturday afternoon & actually managed a few hours in the garden,you had to stay out of the shade though,it was chilly there.
i'm having the really lazy sunday today,i'm not going to do a single thing except watch TV or DVDs,mess around on the Internet,read the papers,...generally just be a lazy pig! lol.
that earthquake thing in japan is horrible,i cant believe what those people are going through,it must be really tough,my heart goes out to them.& i woke up this morning to the news of more trouble in Libya,..there's way too much grief in this world.
well,that's me for now,have a good week & make yourself happy.

lazy sunday

hi.its been quite a long time,this is my first blog entry since last was ok,its a chance to laze out for a couple of weeks & generally make a pig of yourself, you get presents,sound! lol.
my desk top pc blew up so i got it fixed & gave it to my neice & nephew & treated myself to a new lap top,a nice new toy.
work is really busy at the moment,i think the rest of the year there will be plenty of gamefull employment,good for the pocket money fund.
as is always the case on sunday mornings i have the big hangover,sunday just wouldnt be sunday with out one,if ya aint got one then ya just aint trying hard enough! lol
i've been going jogging three times a week for a few weeks now,i feel alot better in myself for it,jogging certainly gets those endorphins going mad.i'm also fitter for it.
i'm trying not to think about tge strawberry cheesecake ice cream in the fridge at the moment,it'll ruin my sunday roast.
i've been doing my place out lately,got some new stuff for it,looking rather good with off white walls & black furniture, furniture needs dusting every day,bit of a pain.
my book at the moment is chourno by the french writer jean cluade izzo,he's a great crime writer,try him out.
right i'm off to laze away my sunday,its nice & sunny outside but bloody cold.
ta ta 

demolition doll rods all the stars

this years too fast.

hi,hope your well & smiling.
wow,the weather here has been absolutely rubbish.its been raining for nearly two weeks,dont get me wrong,i like the rain but after two weeks you do get a little fed up with it.the thing is i work outside & if its raining you just cant get stuff done.but this week seems pretty clear so thats be honest work is quiet at the moment,my firm has work in the pipe line but it just isn't starting yet,i think it'll be quiet till the new year,not to worry,i'm sure i'll go through it.i'll be painting the outside of someones house the next couple of days,the people who live there really get through the wine,i've never seen so many empty bottles left around,they dont like cleaning up after themselves,...yet they seem like really nice people.
i cant believe how close we are to Christmas,this year has just been a blur, what have i achieved this year so far,,...mmmmm!
something terrible has happened mothers brother is dying of cancer,his daughter claimed she felt a little of colour the other day then collapsed with a brain tumor,she was in a coma for two days before she passed away.she was in her early thirties & has left a daughter.i didn't know her really well but i'm still left shell shocked by the whole thing,its really got me thinking about how i'm living my life,how much time i might have left,what do i want to do with it.i've been quite happy on my own the last few years but i know feel like its probably a bad thing,i'm thinking i might like to share it all with someone.& the strangest thing is that as i started feeling like this my first girlfriend from when i was about ten years old has got in touch through facebook,my heart skipped a beat when i realised who it was,we have started chatting but i dont know how long that'll last,most of my chats on facebook are usually short ones,.....i gotta admit i aint too fussed about facebook,...but hearing from her did cheer me up a bit :-).
well,thats me for now,.......are you still awake! lol.
stay happy or else.

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