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hi.its been a bit of an unusual week for me.i have been working round an old womans house helping someone fit a central heating system.i thnik the lady is a bit crazy,she never stops talking,even when she's on her own she just chats to herself.she's actually quite a nice old lady,she's very comical.she sits in her front room as if she's sitting watching tv....but there's no tv!.
it would seem i have met a woman...shock of shocks lol.i met her at my uncles & she got someone to give me her number.i called,we had a little chat & ended up going out on a date.we went to an indian restaurant that was very nice.we are meeting up again next week.she's rather fantastic,obviously its hard to know what someones about after only meeting them twice,but so far she seems really nice.i cant wait for our first snog lol.
i'm not sure if we have any work for next would be nice to get another week before christmas,just to finance the few weeks off.i will probably start looking for a new job next year,i might try something completely different.i'll wish myself luck on that one.
put your feet up & enjoy your sunday,laters

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Posted on 04:30AM on Dec 28th, 2012
I wish you luck on all your plans for 2013!
Posted on 06:25AM on Dec 30th, 2012'll be a bit of a new start
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